Thursday, August 15, 2013

BringMeThat Delivers

Recently I had the opportunity to check out an interesting online food delivery service called BringMeThat. Let’s face it: Sometimes it’s nice when you don’t have to cook or leave home to get quality grub!

The concept is simple. First, you enter your address to view local eateries that deliver by clicking the “Browse Restaurants” tab. Next, you choose the restaurant and desired menu items. Third, you place an order using a credit card. Finally, the food arrives in a timely fashion.

BringMeThat delivers from more than 75 Raleigh-area restaurants, many of which are purveyors of pizza, deli sandwiches and Chinese cuisine. I chose Roly Poly, a place known for its distinctive rolled sandwiches.

When I went through the ordering process, I found it stress-free and relatively quick. The one hiccup: When I submitted my order, I discovered that I was not given the opportunity to enter the day and time the delivery should occur. Thankfully, I employed the nifty “live chat” feature on the site and was able to let a customer representative know I didn’t want the food delivered until the next day at noon. 

On the appointed day, the food showed up on time and was still plenty warm. My Santa Fe Chicken sandwich was delicious. There was no delivery fee, so I only had to pay the price of sandwich plus a gratuity for the driver. Be advised: Many of the featured restaurants do charge delivery fees, and some have significant minimum order requirements. But all requisite costs are clearly listed on the BringMeThat site.

Bottom line: BringMeThat is a legitimate and convenient service available to make life easier for people like you and me. Be sure to give it a try.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Mellow Mushroom Elevates Pizza

Eclectic eatery Mellow Mushroom boasts a cult-like following — and for good reason. Delectable pies are cooked in Montague pizza ovens and then served up in a laid-back atmosphere. 

The Cary location’s expansive interior features vibrant-colored walls and even a yellow-brick-road inspired floor. Distinctive framed artwork and exquisite custom-blown glass hang from the ceiling. Never mind a year-round outdoor patio with seating for 100 patrons.

Mellow’s pizza crust elevates its pies to near-addictive status. The secret behind the shell? It’s small-batch made with whole-wheat grains, and molasses is a key ingredient rather than refined sugar. 

Must-try specialty pie Holy Shiitake, albeit edgy, will rock your world. Consider the flavorsome blend of locally obtained shiitake, button and portobello mushrooms on an olive oil and garlic base. What’s more, the pie also is suffused with truffle oil, caramelized onions and MontAmore cheese. Fresh-cut chives are added after it comes out of the oven. 

 Photo courtesy of Jonathan Fredin/S&A Cherokee

Another pie worth consideration is Thai Dye, which features an olive oil and garlic base, grilled curry chicken, mozzarella, Roma tomatoes and onions. It’s heaped with fresh basil, cucumbers and a swirl of Thai chili sauce. 

The menu also features an array of calzones, hoagies and salads, but it’s unlikely you’ll ever never find Lunchboy venturing off the pizza path. 

 Mellow Mushroom Pizza Bakers on Urbanspoon