Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Thaiphoon Worth Experiencing Time and Again

Thaiphoon Bistro has quietly maintained a successful modern Asian eatery for nearly five years. That’s not an easy accomplishment in Raleigh’s ever-changing Glenwood South district.

When it comes to décor, orange and white walls and tables coalesce with exposed brick to create a chic, minimalist vibe. Comfortable banquettes and posh pendant lights also enhance the overall ambiance. When weather permits, a cozy outdoor patio with small garden and shaded fountain provides abundant serenity.

An efficient, unobtrusive wait staff delivers reliable service. At times, though, the execution seems somewhat perfunctory. During a recent visit, my waitress merely nodded when I asked for chopsticks and then later when I requested a container for leftovers.

At lunchtime, an accessible and affordable menu features aim-to-please staples like Pad Thai, Massaman curry and Pad See Ew. The Pad Thai with chicken (my favorite choice) is flavorful with a hint of sweetness, rivaling Sushi Thai Cary’s gold-standard rendition. It’s also nice to get a side salad included with the lunch entree.The restaurant also serves up a refreshing Thai iced tea.

Thaiphoon Bistro’s somewhat hidden locale behind the Hibernian Irish Pub makes it one of those places you have to seek out a bit more than most, but it’s certainly worth seeking out. 

Thaiphoon Bistro on Urbanspoon 


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