Thursday, May 9, 2013

Genki Still a Work in Progress

Situated in the Stonebridge Village strip mall near the intersection of Ten Ten and Kildaire Farm Roads, Genki Restaurant & Sushi Bar serves Japanese cuisine in an inviting, tranquil setting. Whether you dine at the cozy sushi bar, a booth or a table, you’ll have access to fresh sushi, hibachi entrees, yakisoba and more. 

Among the more than 30 specialty rolls, standouts include the Genki special roll (spicy tuna, chopped shrimp tempura and salmon) and the volcano roll with crab, avocado, and cream cheese with a distinctive lava sauce. Feeling adventurous? Request “Omakase” and let the experienced sushi chefs to prepare a special surprise for you.

New York style selections are also available, such as Madai (imported Japanese pink snapper) and Aoyagi (giant yellow clam), which you don’t find many places around the Triangle area. 

As for entrees, signature dishes like crushed walnut shrimp with spicy honey sauce and mango salsa-topped panko flounder are both on point. At lunchtime, consider a vegetarian- or protein-infused yakisoba meal, which features thin Japanese egg noodles prepared in a soy-ginger soba sauce.

While Genki's cuisine is consistently satisfying, one weakness that’s hard to overlook is a listless level of service. During a recent visit, my waiter was particularly aloof and lacked any gusto whatsoever. If the restaurant wants to attract any regular devotees, the owners need to shore up customer service.   

Genki on Urbanspoon 


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