Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Celebrate Cinco de Chubby's

Chubby’s Tacos, the wildly popular fast-casual spot for tacos, burritos and quesadillas, does right by Mexican food.

Whether you choose fish tacos (my favorite), steak fajita burrito or spicy carne asada nachos, satisfaction will always reign supreme. Portion sizes are also impressive, particularly when it comes to the colossal burritos and the pressed-sandwich tortas. Never mind the reasonable prices (tacos are $1.50-3 each; quesadilla grandes just $5.50).


It’s also worth mentioning here that Chubby’s uses certified Angus beef in its menu offerings, and there’s no lard, MSG or trans fats used in any of the food preparation. Flavorful made-in-house sauces and salsas are featured in a back-of-the-house salsa bar. These are bottomless when dining in.

When it comes to décor, the narrow, rectangular space—wood-paneled walls, unfinished timber floor and mix of booths, high-top tables and bar—somehow evokes a laid-back cantina vibe.  

This coming Friday through Sunday, the restaurant is celebrating “Cinco de Chubby’s,” a weekend-long fiesta and fifth anniversary celebration. Check out food and drink specials (such as $2 Corona/Corona Light and $3.50 margaritas on the rocks) as well as live music. 

SPECIAL LUNCHBOY SAYS OFFER: For a chance win a Chubby’s t-shirt or gift card, email me and in 25 words or less write why you deserve to receive some Chubby’s swag.

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