Sunday, April 28, 2013

Taziki's Tantalizes

Taziki’s Mediterranean Café is a fast-growing franchise concept, and thankfully the company’s first North Carolina store has landed in Cary’s renewed Waverly Place shopping center. When it comes to upscale fast-casual chains, Taziki’s is a breath of fresh air. Think Panera Bread meets Chipotle with a Greek-inspired twist.

The Cary restaurant features a polished cement floor containing mostly four-top dark wooden tables. Walls are adorned with bead board and old window panes containing various pictures. An outdoor patio makes for a nice al fresco option when the weather is nice.

As for the food, the Green lemon chicken soup is delicious, as are grilled gyros like the chicken basil-pesto, beef tenderloin and lamb and skordalia (garlic dip).  

The full dinners, or “feasts,” are served with Greek salad and basmati rice or the even-better roasted new potatoes. Among the nine available feasts, standouts include the wild-caught Atlantic grilled salmon and the herb-roasted grilled pork loin, a tender dish served with a too-good-to-be-legal tomato chutney aioli and a side of grilled asparagus. 

Daily fresh features range from portobello mushroom sandwich on Monday to the tilapia-infused Taziki’s taco on Thursday. A good selection of Mediterranean and domestic wines and beers are also available. Save room for dessert, as a generously sized scratch-made dark chocolate cake is attractively priced at just $2.50.

Although you place your order, pay and pick up your drink at the counter, servers bring your plate to the table. Food arrives quickly, but during my most recent visit I was never offered a drink refill nor asked by any employee how I enjoyed the meal. Though my overall experience was positive, Taziki’s could stand to work a little harder to ensure guest expectations match the quality of cuisine it delivers. 

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