Thursday, April 18, 2013

Café 121 a Welcome Addition to Downtown Cary

Downtown Cary has gained a much-needed boost with the recent opening of Café 121. The restaurant is owned by chef Greg Hamm, a veteran culinary instructor who also runs a Sanford-based eatery with the same name.

Café 121 features American cuisine with hints of Asian influences. At lunchtime, distinctive gourmet salads and sandwiches vie for consideration. Among the standout offerings include the strawberry fields salad with feta cheese and pecans and the cranberry turkey sandwich on wheatberry bread.

On the day I visited, the server delivered a fried green beans starter to the table compliments of chef Hamm. This lightly battered Southern delicacy was drizzled with house-made ranch dressing. Nice touch!

When it comes to décor, white tablecloths cover the tables, which are contrasted by dark walls containing local artwork. The front-of-the-house dining room could stand a few more live plants to brighten the overall vibe.

The restaurant serves brunch on the weekends. Consider an omelet creation, a farmer’s breakfast platter or jumbo pancakes with fresh fruit or chocolate chips.

Dinner is available Thursday through Saturday and features tempting entrees like Asian pan-seared tuna, slow-roasted prime rib and herb sautéed shrimp. 

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