Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Firewürst Aflame in Cary

It’s not often that an innovative restaurant concept comes along that’s worthy of adulation. Firewürst, a Cary-based purveyor of flame-grilled sausages and hotdogs, is particularly impressive on several fronts.

First, a focused, imaginative menu features a variety of tantalizing options. Consider, for example, the spiral-cut all-beef BBQ dog with Swiss cheese, house-made barbecue sauce, applewood bacon and crispy onion tanglers, which I thoroughly enjoyed during a recent visit.  Then there is the hearty cheddar brat with melted aged cheddar, grilled onions, red, green and yellow peppers and mustard on a fresh hoagie roll.

Other noteworthy choices? The Chicago dog, the Mexican-inspired tortilla dog and the sweet Italian, to name a few. Various premium toppings are available for an additional charge, although perhaps it’s somewhat questionable to charge 79 cents extra for chili. 

Side items are also worthwhile, especially the transcendent natural-cut fries topped with sea salt, Cajun spices or parmesan/herb. Brown sugar- and nutmeg-infused sweet potato fries and crispy onion tanglers also vie for consideration. The menu also lists three intriguing made-to-order “sassy slaws,” including sweet, wasabi cucumber and sesame ginger.

The Cary Firewürst is the first of a developing fast-casual franchise concept. Food is delivered to the table promptly and courteously, and staff members are cordial and eager to please. The spotless dining room atmosphere is vibrant and upbeat, complete with witty signs from the likes of Chuck Norris and others hanging on the walls. Here’s hoping Firewürst resonates with Triangle diners. I know it does with Lunchboy!

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  1. On my first visit today I thoroughly enjoyed a PERFECT, authentic Chicago dog! The staff was great, as were the fries. Looking forward to a return trip as the brats and Italian sausage look excellent too.

  2. Nasty girl works in that place.