Friday, January 25, 2013

Bagels Plus Brings More North Down South

Will a bagel shop with no drive-thru window survive in the outskirts of Fuquay-Varina? Time will tell, but so far business has been bustling at Bagels Plus, a fast-casual restaurant open seven days a week for breakfast and lunch.

Full disclosure: I am not a huge bagel fan. That said, the plain one I ordered with honey walnut cream cheese was fairly tasty. Of course, a good friend then proceeded to tell me that next time I need to order “a real bagel like an ‘everything’ or pumpernickel.” Noted!

Bagels are made fresh in-house each day and are sold by the baker’s dozen ($9) half dozen ($5) or individually (90 cents).  It was interesting to see how many relocated Yankees (no disrespect intended) were lined up at the counter getting bagfuls to go! 

On another occasion, I ordered a breakfast wrap. Consisting of a soft tortilla filled with two scrambled eggs, bacon (sausage is also available) and melted cheese, the wrap was filling and flavorsome. Additional choices include several other wraps plus three-egg omelets served with hash browns and a buttered bagel.

Soft drinks and coffee are available self-serve station, although I’m not an enthusiast of insipid commercial-grade java. On the first day I visited the restaurant, I paid $3 for a bottle of orange juice, which seemed overpriced.

At lunchtime, you can choose an 8-ounce Angus burger, a hot specialty sandwich such as BBQ roast, a chicken parm or Reuben or a cold cut sandwich made with Boar’s Head meat. 

Service at Bagels Plus is efficient yet perfunctory. It would be good to see more smiles on the faces of staff members, but perhaps the crowds waiting in line add pressure to the crew. 

A comfortable seating area situated on the left side of the house provides adequate space for patrons to sit and enjoy themselves. A small parking lot presents various challenges, but it’s my understanding that the owners are working on additional paved space around back.

While Bagels Plus probably won't be a regular stop for me, at least it fills a void for those who enjoy getting their fill of leavened bread. 

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  1. It's always good to know how you feel, lunchboy! I, too, found the not-so-smiling faces, and had to move around to get someone to notice that I wanted to be waited on. I asked for a take-out menu, and there were none. I will probably go again once the newness has worn off.

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