Saturday, August 18, 2012

PieBird Sings in Sweet and Savory Harmony

Let me start by saying that PieBird, located in Raleigh’s historic Oakwood district, boasts one of the coolest restaurant concepts imaginable: serving up first-rate sweet and savory pies.


By all accounts, I’m not the only one who thinks so. Patrons have been flocking in droves to PieBird ever since it opened back in March 2011. And what’s not to love? At lunchtime, whether it’s classic chicken pot pie, zesty pimento cheese or nutritious spinach and feta, every “hand pie” (small enough to pick up and eat with your hand) is made with fresh, seasonal ingredients. Never mind that the pie crusts are as flaky and delicious as you’ll find anywhere.

Salads also deserve props. Consider the flavorful $8 chopped salad built with cucumbers, red onions, tomatoes, avocado, celery and blue cheese crumbles on a bed of mixed greens.

The eatery’s décor is stylish but not fussy. Exposed brick walls, brushed-metal stools and high-backed banquettes fill the open dining room. A smaller back room contains a cozy seating area and fireplace.

But let’s get to the most tantalizing selections: the dessert pies. On any given day, about a dozen varieties of sugary goodness will make your decision extremely tough. Will you choose blueberry or coconut cream? Peanut butter or Oreo-imbued black bottom pie? Since I’m a sucker for chocolate, I enjoyed the rich chocolate cream, which featured a fantastic mouse-like texture and flavor. Bonus tip: Consider ordering French press Counter Culture coffee with your dessert. Another nice touch.

Whole pies are available for sale, and the restaurant also has free WiFi. PieBird is open for lunch and dinner Tuesday through Saturday.

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