Friday, June 8, 2012

Pam's Pleases

Beloved by white- and blue-collar patrons far and wide, Pam’s Farmhouse restaurant in Raleigh serves up bona fide Southern comfort food as good as you’ll find anywhere. Where else do you go and find blackstrap molasses on the table along with a pitcher of sweet tea? Sit there for just a few minutes, and you’ll also find a basketful of scratch-made biscuits and hushpuppies.

It just doesn’t get any better than that.

Well, actually it does. Once you order the best jalapeño-infused bar-b-que chicken you’ll ever taste, then you’ve entered otherworldly culinary terrain.  Just be sure to ask for white meat (well worth the 50-cent upcharge) as well as an extra side of sauce (no additional outlay). Take it from me and my good friend Forrest, there’s nothing else that even comes close to the zesty righteousness of Pam’s bar-b-cue chicken.

Just in case you’re looking for something different, consider the fresh filet of flounder with creamy coleslaw or country style steak with rice and gravy. In the summertime, a fresh vegetable plate of three or four choices also hits the spot. At any given time, fresh veggies will include squash and onions, collard greens, steamed cabbage, sliced cucumbers and tomatoes.  Deviled eggs are also commendable.

Breakfast at Pam’s is equally rewarding. The menu features the requisite offerings like pancakes and French toast but also authentic country-style selections such as brains and eggs.

Not surprisingly, service at Pam’s is fast and friendly. A seasoned all-female wait staff is eager to please and calls patrons “sug” and “honey.” Consider it the epitome of Southern hospitality.

When it comes to décor, Formica tables and vinyl-padded chairs fill the modest dining room. A row of mirrored walls makes the already sizeable space look even more expansive.

Did I mention that Pam’s prices are a great value? A meat plate with two vegetables and bread costs less than $7. Keep in mind, though, that the Farmhouse is a cash-only establishment.

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