Tuesday, August 30, 2011

BullFeathers Still Finding Its Footing

BullFeathers Wings & Grille is a family-friendly restaurant meets sports bar with an impressive variety of burgers, sandwiches, wraps, salads and—of course—chicken wings.

When it comes to the wings, more than two dozen distinctive flavors of sauces span five levels of heat. Worth checking out are garlic parmesan, tequila sunrise, hot raspberry, Jamaican jerk and Thai peanut. Classic buffalo is also a solid choice, and “spineless” (bone-free) wings are also an option.

Appetizers like fried pickle chips and crazy (onion) straws should not be overlooked. If you don’t get anything else, though, go for the bacon cheddar fries, which were halfway devoured before this photo below could be taken! A balanced blend of queso and cheddar jack cheese pair well with crisp fries and bacon. One discerning diner at the table declared them the best cheese fries he’s ever tasted. Lunchboy concurs.

Hand-pattied Angus burgers are reliable as well, particularly the mushroom Swiss. It’s also worth the extra $1 outlay to add the mouth-watering sugar-glazed sweet potato fries (think Krispy Kreme style).

Overall, service at BullFeathers is friendly, but often when tables fill up the staff gets overwhelmed and the kitchen finds itself “in the weeds,” to use restaurant vernacular. Alas, customers can find themselves waiting a long time to for food to arrive.

During lunchtime on a recent Sunday, all the other members of my large group received their food in a reasonable amount of time. I, however, didn’t receive my spicy Asian chicken salad until everyone else was virtually finished eating.

When I asked the server if he could comp my meal as a courtesy, he said he could knock off half the price. To be candid, this was a disappointing compromise. One friend said, "You shouldn't have even had to ask. They should have offered your meal for free." Perhaps management can keep this in mind for similar future encounters.  

As for the surroundings, a small video game room and an elevated electric train will keep youngsters happy while they wait for food. Live entertainment is also available on weekends as is NFL Sunday Ticket.

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