Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Monkey Brain

Yesterday I ate monkey brain for lunch.

Before you think I’ve gone off the deep end and committed a heinous dietary taboo, let me explain. Monkey brain is the curious name of a signature sushi appetizer at Cary’s Yuri Japanese Restaurant ( This culinary delight features copious amounts of avocado along with lightly fried crabmeat and spicy tuna. It’s also absolutely scrumptious.

Yuri is possibly the most underrated eatery in the Triangle when it comes to places to procure quality sushi. I’ve blogged about it previously, but an encore post is appropriate because Yuri is just that deserving. Imagine a posh, serene Asian emporium where you can escape from the heat and stress of work and enjoy a magnificent dining experience. Yuri won’t disappoint.

Here’s a Lunchboy proclamation for you: The top-selling Ahi Tower is the best item on the menu—and the finest sushi fare I’ve tasted—bar none. This culinary creation comprises avocado, tuna, crabmeat, and three types of caviar all served on a huge glass plate with spicy sauce. Check it out and let me know what you think. I’m confident you’ll love it. In fact, when you go, be sure to tell Thomas, the owner, that David from Cary Magazine sent you (he doesn’t know me by my blogger alter ego).

*Photo credit: Jay Joyner


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