Friday, March 25, 2011

Friday Night Confession

Confession time: Last night, in a moment of total weakness, I dropped my standards and went to a fast food restaurant. Even worse, I used the drive-thru.

Yes, it’s true. I momentarily lost my way. Threw my high standards out the window and frequented—gasp!—a national chain. That’s right. Lunchboy forsook his pledge to patronize locally owned eateries all for the sake of filling his pie hole. Wow, I’m even referring to myself in third-person because I’m so ashamed!

At least it was Arby’s and not some totally mainstream place like McDonald’s or Burger King. Still, it’s no excuse.  I could have just come home and made a sandwich. In case you’re wondering, my wife met a friend at Panera for dinner, so that’s why I was on my own.

There’s more. I ordered a fish sandwich. What? No roast beef? I can’t explain it. I’m just spilling my guts here, OK?

While I’m being totally transparent, I’ll go ahead and admit that the fish sandwich tasted pretty doggone decent. I know that may surprise you. Honestly, though, it was much better than a poke in the eye. And it only cost $2.50. (There I go again trying to justify my poor decision.)

So now you know. Lunchboy’s dining adventures sometimes take a wrong turn. Lapses in judgment happen.  Please forgive me!

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