Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Some Restaurants Just Don't Get It

NOTE: On occasion, I may venture off the proverbial beaten path a bit and provide some broad commentary about food or restaurants. This is one such incidence.

I’m continually amazed that so many local restaurants seem to care so little about engaging with customers or making a solid first impression. In today’s tough economic times, you would think more restaurants would bend over backwards to attain and retain customers.

Case in point: A few days ago I checked out a new fast-casual place in Cary. I was intrigued by the simple concept (just a few all-American staples), and my hopes were high.

Arriving early, I was among only a handful of patrons. Somehow I managed to make it across the restaurant to the counter but was never greeted until I asked to place an order. Seriously? No “Welcome!” or “How may I help you?” or anything remotely hospitable? Sigh.

After getting my food, I ate at my usual slow pace, then got up, dumped my trash and left. Once again, there was no acknowledgment of my patronage. Not even a “thanks for coming in.” Guess what. They lost a customer, because I won’t go back. Ever.

On a brighter note, there are restaurants that “get it.” Whenever I go to my favorite haunts, I’m immediately greeted by an eager-to-please staffer with a smile on her face. At one particular Asian spot in Cary, I always get the simple yet cordial “see you next time!” when I leave. And guess what: There are plenty of “next times” in the future for this place!

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